Three Sickened in Spokane by Botulism Linked to Home Canned Beans

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Difficult economic times and a focus on local foods has lead to increased interest in home food preservation in recent years. However, improperly canned foods can cause botulism toxin to grow and consumption can lead to serious illness. This Food Safety Infosheet details a case of a family sickened by botulism in 2009 from consuming improperly canned green beans.


  • In February 2009 a Spokane woman and two young children were sickened by botulism from improperly canned green beans from a home garden.
  • Use a pressure canner and follow a tested recipe to safely preserve beans.
  • Clostridium botulinum spores are common in soil. The spores can be heat activated and turn into cells. The growing cells create a toxin leading to botulism in oxygen-free canned foods.

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