97 Ill With Salmonella Agona; Multi-State Outbreak Linked to Papaya

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This Food Safety Infosheet describes a 2011 outbreak of salmonella linked to papayas. This outbreak sickened nearly 100 people in 23 states. Salmonella often causes food poisoning symptoms.


  • Recalled papayas have been sold by Agromod Produce Inc. under multiple brand names: Blondie, Yaya, Mañanita, and Tastylicious.
  • Cut papaya held between 75°F and 80°F temperature has been shown to support the growth of Salmonella within 6 hours.
  • Fresh cut papaya has been linked to two previous Salmonella outbreaks (Australia 2006-07; Singapore, 1996).
  • In the Australian outbreak, Salmonella was found in in untreated river water used to wash papayas prior to sale.

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