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NC State Extension

Animals and Pests

Keep animals and pests out of your garden

  • Animals like turtles could carry harmful pathogens like Salmonella that could make us sick.
  • Teich Garden Systems has a line of free-standing raised garden beds that can keep out animals
  • Invasive species, like kudzu, can be a real problem. Debbie Roos at Chatham County Cooperative Extension has info to help you tackle it
  • Some harmful plants, like poison hemlock, could work their way into gardens and be mistaken for edible plants
  • We heard quite a bit about fire ants this summer–and we know that many of you are using boiling water to kill them. But, we’ve also heard that they come back. Watch this video from N.C. Cooperative Extension for all sorts of ideas on how to get rid of them for good. (And, there are tons of other awesome videos on their YouTube channel–from how to prune a peach tree to how to install drip irrigation.)