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NC State Extension

Soil Testing

Doing the soil test is super easy and it tests for all kinds of nutrients. And we know that you’ve done it (if not, here’s all the information you need). But, many of the gardeners have indicated to us that it is really hard to read. Once you get it back from NCDA&CS, click on the publication, Understanding the Soil Test Report,  and analyze your results. It might be easier to print it out (it’s only 8 pages) for use. Additionally:

Also, your county Extension Agent is an excellent person to contact with questions. There are NCDA&CS individuals who specialize in horticulture–as well as all the smart Master Gardeners!

As for the soil test for heavy metals, there are a couple of local companies that can perform the tests:

Think the test for heavy metals doesn’t matter? Click here to read about the impact of lead in the soil.

If you are struggling with the soil test results, or anything else, shoot us an email and we will do all we can to answer your questions.

Truthfully, let’s just minimize the risk, regardless of the soil test.