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Food Pantries and Food Banks


Click the link below to access short videos (each less than 10 minutes) on particular food safety topics. These run directly from the linked website; you do not need to have a password/user name or download any programs to access the information. Click the arrow to press play and you’ll be able to both watch and listen.

  • Part I: general food safety information, foodborne illnesses and why this matters, food distribution and food in transit
  • Part II: specifics on handwashing, time-temperature control and cross-contamination
  • Part III: written standard operating procedures and recalls

o   Check out current recall details

Additional Documents

These documents are mentioned and explained in the videos. Feel free to use any or all of them to clarify procedures in your food pantry. Every pantry is different and these documents are designed to be adapted so that they fit exactly with your pantry.

o   Can I use this can? (a flowchart on how to know if canned food are ok)

o   Yes and No (signs to tell pantry participants to take this, not that)

o   Take From the Top (signs to tell pantry participants to take from the top shelf, not the bottom)