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Safe Plates Food Safety Information Center

The Safe Plates Food Safety Information Center (FSIC) gives people information like the science behind the 5-second rule, what restaurant inspection scores mean, and how flour gets contaminated with pathogenic E. coli. Real, evidence-based scientific food safety information that can help people make safe food choices. Safe Plates FSIC is an online community and resource that utilizes various social media channels to improve food safety knowledge, attitudes and practices of users by delivering evidence-based scientific food safety information.
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ice cream cones

#Safeplates2020 Campaign

Do you like your ice cream in a cone or dish?

However you prefer to eat your ice cream, one thing does not change. Cones can be messy and are cautioned by adults caring for little kids, those prone to have uncoordinated hands and our cleanliness enthusiasts. As experienced ice cream eaters, we know on a hot day versus a cold day, you have less time to enjoy your ice cream before it starts melting. Time and temperature play a role in this together.


Join us in March, as we cover the third and fourth factors that influence tiny microbes growing, surviving or dying in food, time and temperature. Thinking about time and temperature matters when cooking, reheating leftovers, cooling food, as well as holding hot and cold food.

Check out our preserving foods #WednesdayStash days, #SafePlatesICID and #SafePlatesTBT as we explore the history of the topics we cover and Mad Science experiments later in the month.

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